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Be Fitness Training is an elite coaching service that specializes in fat loss, muscle building, cardiovascular endurance, and helping clients improve their overall health and fitness through exercise and nutritional guidance.






Meet the Team

Our trainers are here for you. We specialize in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through guided coaching and accountability. Reach out to get started, today!

Dean Ferrell

"This gym is awesome! It’s the most cleanest gym I have ever been to. All the trainers are super friendly. The trainers tailor their work outs to best suit the clients needs. The training is on point and the hour you are training, the spot light is always on the client; you get the most out of every minute. The trainers are easy to talk to, they are patient and you can approach them with any questions. They will assist you with adjusting diet/eating habits to best suit your goals.

All of the equipment is new and well maintained which makes your work out a great experience.

I can’t thank the Be Fitness team enough for always having a great vibe and make every work out rewarding. I always leave the gym feeling great! Best way to start or end your day is with a great work out with the Be Fitness team."

Kaylee Stewart

"Be fitness studios is the welcoming and friendly gym I have ever been to! Keira is the best motivator out there guys, she holds me accountable but in the most uplifting and respectful way ❤️ I’ve never been to a gym where i instantly felt welcomed and treated like family. Some gym claim to be a judge free zone, but Be Fitness studios is the epitome of that! Thank you Keira and team for encouraging me on my weight loss journey"

Angel Villegas

"Thank you to Emanuel and the Be Fitness crew for all that you have done for me. It takes a lot for me to feel inspired by strenuous physical work outs, but Emanuel you have opened the door to my belief in attainable physical fitness. I’ve embraced the uncomfortable and I much better for it now. Emanuel you are a world shifter and I believe wholeheartedly in the gift you bring to humanity. Let’s keep growing! 🔥🔥🔥"

Nora Garcia

"I've trained with Brock at Be Fitness since July 2021 and I love it! The facility is well maintained and has all the equipment needed. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Brock accommodates my schedule and is a solid trainer. I feel better and stronger after a session with him. I highly recommend Brock and Be Fitness."

Client Reviews

Contact US:

14676 Pipeline Ave. Suite M

Chino Hills, CA 91709

Phone: 951-545-8689


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